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That's a really good find, thank you and a really interesting observation regarding the difference between the H949-1 and H949-2 algorithms. I'm away from my pedals for a week so can't try it out at the moment, so frustrating….

Theoretically I now understand the ringmob options as well, helped in large part to the fantastic description of ring modulation found in this manual  here.

After reading this I do have a request for the ringmod mode. I think it would be very interesting and useful to add a 'learn' button so the ringmod frequencies track the notes being played – similar to the 'learn' function' found in the Pitchfactor. I believe EHX's Ring Thing contains such a function. Hold down the button and the frequencies track the playing so the output is always harmonically related to your guitar and sounds really quite musical as a result. Without a learn button I suppose I could manually alter the frequency using midi or an expression pedal.