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Ha, yes – it was quite a thorough analysis wasn't it!?! I'm meant to be finishing my PhD at the moment but in reality, I'm doing anything and everything BUT doing my PhD…including obsessing over minute differences in modulation sound 🙂 I love the Modfactor – having all the parameters tweakable in front of me is fantastic…and having the second LFO to create unique effects is really nice. I love setting both LFOs on randon especially for sublte effects like chorus. Those wanting to re-create sounds of classic modulation pedals though seem to be liking the Mobius for that purpose.

Re: user-defined tremolo.

Check out the Mobius manual.

Up to 8 beats can be sequenced, each with one to sixteen trem cycles per beat. This is done in the sub-menu. e.g. select BEAT 1 and assign 0-16 subdivisions to that beat…move to BEAT 2 and do the same etc. You can choose not to use all 8 beats and you can also assign FULL to a beat so signal is continuous during that time period. This really does give you full control over trem patterns. Finally you can also select waveform shape of the tremolo LFO. I think the Goatkeeper Trem works in a similar fashion but with 4 beats instead of 8.

It is difficult to see how a similar system could be implemented in a Factor pedal, especially as I lack knowledge of the coding behind it all. The Goatkeeper trem is proof that a significant amount can be done with 4 beats. Such a system in a Factor pedal might require assigning 1 knob to each beat (4 in total) to allow selection of the number of subdivisions per beat. Other knobs could be used for LFO shape, depth and maybe width. So that's 7 of the 9 knobs. It would mean sacrificing the second LFO functions in the Modfactor but would be TOTALLY worth it!!!