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For a stutter effect, I'd suggest going with undulator for something really crazy and out there, or for more controlled/predictable stutters (like a chopper), try square wave modulation on the tremolo effect. 

We can point you in the right direction to get you started, but quite frankly our hands are tied up at the moment. The factory presets exist to give you an idea of what types of sounds are capable out of the unit; tweaking slightly from there, you can go pretty far. I understand limited time (I'm an engineering student in addition to an intern), but to really use these pedals to their fullest extent I recommend you dig through the pedal (or even an entire algorithm) on a given weekend or evening

For most of these you'll want to keep S-Mod and D-Mod off or low; for vintage, subtle is where it's at. And while sine wave modulation is considered the "classic" modulation wave shape, I personally prefer triangle and think it sounds sweeter. Try both. 

-Chorus: Type set to classic, speed set to something slow (~.3 Hz should do the trick), depth cranked (somewhere around 60+), intensity cranked (see depth), filter to taste. 

-Flanger: Presets 34:1 and 34:2 (ClassicFlangeSweep1 and ClassicFlangeSweep2) should get you close. Slower speeds and the positive flanger type will get you in the ballpark. 

-Phaser: there are so many "classic" phaser sounds that it's hard to nail this one down. I'd start with a negative phaser type, high intensity, sine wave modulation, and then toy with the number of stages and see where you like that set. 

If there's anything else I can do to help just let me know.