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I've been thinking about this today as well.  My thought is that what you'd want to do for arpeggiation is define a patch where the expression pedal controls the pitch, and the heel and toe positions are set to the lowest and highest pitches you intend to use in your sequence – an octave below and an octave above, say.  You'd then use the sliders to set the pitch for each step in the sequence individually.  That's probably a somewhat laborious process; the good news is that once you've got it figured out, you can save the sequence as a preset on the 8-Step.

LOTS of interesting potential with that box attached to an Eventide stomp.  I'm personally interested in using it as a way to get square-wave modulation of loop times, producing loops that jump in pitch at intervals unrelated to the loop content.  I've seen David Torn do that with a PCM 42, and as far as I can tell that's the only device capable of that particular sound.