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Thanks a lot for the dialog and comments, it definitely helps to know I'm not crazy with all of these issues and compromises in every direction.  Being new to complex midi setups I have been pulling out my hair wondering if it's me or the boxes I'm dealing with.   I started with the Timeline and thought, this midi stuff isn't so bad.  Then I threw myself into the fire, as I do with everything, and got four more midi pedals at the same time… needless to say a lot of this configuring of pedals and midi troubleshooting and quirks of each company/pedal has been an all consuming nighmare.  I haven't played guitar in a week because I've been making my own pedalboard cables and dealing with midi issues.

The Eventide XMT function became too much to deal with so I scrapped it and went with the 4 way midi splitter box from MIDI Solutions, it fits well between pedals and does what I need it to do.  This splitter box has worked great for the tap tempo solution.  The Mobius thing is a bit weird.  The global settings only allow for TAP to be set as GLOBAL or PRESET.  The division can only be set per preset.  Even so it wouldn't account for why the tempo registers within a few BPM of the Eventide boxes half of the time but twice that of the Eventide boxes the other half of the time.   It makes me wonder if the problem might be somewhere in the FCB.  I've been emailing Strymon with anomalies I'm finding throughout this setup process.

One odd thing with my Eventide pedals that I've struggled with is that the Mix setting doesn't remain static the first three or so times that I save it.  I'll make an adjustment, play through it for a while, save it, switch to a new patch and when I come back to it the Mix will be up higher or far lower than where I originally set it.  After I tweak and save three + times the settings eventually stay put but it's pretty frustrating sometimes.  I would have thought it was just my timefactor but space does it too, they both do it even after a hard reset/initialization.   A few times I've adjusted the weirdness out of a couple space patches so that they sound useable, change patches and when I come back to them the mix is completely zero'd leaving no effect, lol.

 I put my FCB in merge and it didn't seem to change anything with regards to my setup and the way data was or was not received but I only kind of know what I'm doing so I can't rule out user error.  The Running status is on as well.  

The other weird anomaly with the Mobius is that when I adjust the timing through my FCB tap switch it freezes the expression pedal so that it no longer effects change in parameters until I change patches and come back to it.  I don't expect to have to use tap tempo very much but as with every pedal the quirks start convoluting the controller programming process so that every FCB patch becomes a logistic nightmare in that it has to be carefully rationalized, mapped out and tested thoroughly according to song particulars.   

I'm now considering scrapping my conventional FCB setup and trying out the UNO stomp box mode.  I have yet to use it but it seems appealing in the sense that when all else fails I can always toggle effects one at a time, off and on, manually.