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The Manual says

"By using the S-Mod control to modulate this carrier frequency you can create useful and interesting sounds. By engaging the Sync to Tempo/Pitch feature, the LFO rate control displays note values instead of Hz, by selecting the tonic of your scale or something similar you can ensure that the output of this process will be harmonically related to the notes you play."

In order to get these Note-Values to work (as Dan suggests) I used the RING type and SINE as the Shape. Keeping the lower row (Dmod, Smod etc.) at 0 also keeps things clear otherwise you get "Interesting"…

The UG also says:
The Depth parameter slightly detunes the right and left voices creating a stereo field. Note that the Mod Rate knob controls Sensitivity for this effect.

Hmm… the Depth control for both types of Ring Mod shows "un-used" in both Tempo on and off states. The Mod-Rate only shows SENS for when I have Mod Source set to ADSR or ENVELOP

What am I doing wrong?

Many ta!