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Press footswitch, play note (pitch factor learns) .. next note.. next note.. until sequence is complete.

Killer idea.  Brilliant in its simplicity.  I'd like to add an 'exit custom' gesture to your scheme.  That way, a sequence of less than the 16-step maximum could be entered.  I don't think you'd need a 'rest' gesture (no input -> Learn).  Substitute the 'Unison' reference.

My thought of MIDI Note input (with Note Off triggering the 'learn') seems overcomplicated by comparison.  I think you'd still need a way to enter & determine what the 'reference base note' would be.  All of the Harpeggiator steps are intervals, with mathematical relationships to the current pitch-detected 'base note'.

In other words, if an open high E was input as your first sequence step, you'd still need a reference note to determine whether it was intended to be a fifth, octave, etc.  Two pitch shifters, so I'd hope for an A27: CUSTOM and B27: CUSTOM capability.