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Mix = WET:50

Pitch Mix = A10+B10

Pitch A = A:  1.000

Pitch B = B:  1.000

Delay A =  1000 ms.

Delay B =  2000 ms.

(encoder) = 910/949 / TMP: OFF

Depth / Key = MODERN

Speed / Scale = CHROMTC

Xnob = FB-A:  100

Ynob = FB-B:  100


(EXP PED Heel) =  FB-A: 100  FB-B:  100

(EXP PED Toe) = FB-A:  0  FB-B:  0


Set up as an infinite looper.The preset ping-pongs between left & right with a 1 second and 2 second delay (maximum).  Blend in some variations using the REPEAT function (Flex switch in Play mode).  The 200 ms. delay buffer repeats fold in to the looping delays.

Expression Pedal:

The pedal is configured to fade out the infinite looping at any setting other than full Heel.  It controls the 'decay time' of the loops.  Full Toe yields a single set of repeats.  Rapid EXP PED movement (landing back at the Heel) retains some of the original loop, plus added input.  Good for limited 'dubbing' and the introduction of fade-in phrases.