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Mix = WET: 50

Pitch Mix = A10+B10

Pitch A = ArpA: OFF

Pitch B = ArpB: OFF

Delay A = A:06

Delay B = B:06

(encoder) = PEGGIATR / TMP: OFF

Depth / Key = ATK:  10

Speed / Scale = LN:  450 ms.

Xnob = FXA:  RnFL

Ynob = FXB:  RnFL


(EXP PED Heel) =  LN: 450 ms.

(EXP PED Toe) = LN: 75 ms.


Slow filter changes resembling a stepped wah effect.  The sharp attack clips the filter to the first 1/10 of the 'step', with accents provided by the almost-steady groove pattern selections.

Expression Pedal:

The large increase in rate blurs the random filter patterns together, and stops just short of a gargling mess.  Again, this is a preset that's not tied to tempo, and meant to be used in & around the current rhythmic pulse.  Consider it an Alien Leslie effect, with the EXP PED ramping the effect up and down in speed.