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Mix = WET: 30 – 50

Pitch Mix = A10+B0

Pitch A = VxA:  250

Pitch B = VxB:  75

Delay A = AtkA:  2.0 S

Delay B = AtkB:  1.0 S

(encoder) = SYNTHZR / UNUSED

Depth / Key = RVB: 100

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Speed / Scale = DCY: 10 S

Xnob = ASHP:  SW

Ynob = BFLT:  100


(EXP PED Heel) = DCY: 10 S

(EXP PED Toe) = DCY: 0.0 S


– OR –


(EXP PED Heel) = RVB:  100

(EXP PED Toe) = RVB:  0

Simulated feedback buildup on every sustained note,   To enhance the effect, this is fed into maximum reverb settings.  For a parallel synth filter buildup, blend in the subtractive synthesizer by changing Pitch Mix to A10+B10.

Expression Pedal:

In the first EXP PED setting, moving the pedal adds some 'tape off the capstan' pitch effects to the trailing reverb decay.  The second EXP PED setting fades out the reverb in the Toe position, for a more 'in-your-face' effect.

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