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Mix = WET: 50 – 100

Pitch Mix = A0+B10

Pitch A = VxA:  350

Pitch B = VxB:  50

Delay A = AtkA:  1.0 S

Delay B = AtkB:  0.0 S

(encoder) = SYNTHZR / UNUSED

Depth / Key = RVB: 25

Speed / Scale = DCY: 0.5 S

Xnob = ASHP:  SW

Ynob = BFLT:  30


(EXP PED Heel) = BFT:  10

(EXP PED Toe) = BFT:  50


Now who can resist a wah-wah pedal?  The default settings use the subtractive synth only, at a fixed-wah setting and no attack time.  The lowpass filter carves a nice slice out of the moderate blend in Pitch B.  The doubled effect is reinforced with just a touch of reverb.

Expression Pedal:

Pump away.  The expression pedal programming stays within the lowpass filter range, but just above (at the Heel position) where the filter seems to knock out most of the input frequencies.  Lower the Heel position to BFT:  0 for synth, bass, baritone, or other low frequency input.