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A midi sequencer… like a keyboard? I don't understand where that would get me, and I don't have that. How about the program called Midi-Ox? Can I dump from my pedal to that, instead of factorLib?

Have to say… for the quality and pricing of Eventide products… Factorlib is not very good. Can't even use it with Windows 7, and now you say that it only uploads presets and no system? They need to put a little more effort into how we can "easily" back up our pedals. Why have pedals that do all this stuff… and have a potential of losing everything without easily  retrieving it? Musicians are most liely to be technicians. A power glitch could wipe a pedal out. Factorlib is old and needs work. So back to my problem… can I use another program such as Midi-Ox… or can you recommend a better way?