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I'll just echo what's been written all over the other big guitar forums, TheGearPage and HugeRacksInc

1. Open it up to users and third party designers. I'm not massively bothered if the UI isn't the same for user made sounds, perhaps an Advanced tab?. TC's Toneprint Editor is a good compromise for users that don't necessarily want to get so deep. I mean the potential for this thing is insane. 

2. Multifx. The power is there. Give me a H3000 on the floor. 90% of editing is going to happen on a computer or ipad anyway with switching as part of a midi rig. Yes it's a pedal but it's not going to be used like one given the UI. It'll be something people "program" rather than twist knobs like on a traditional FX pedal.

3. Way more bread and butter MultiAlgs in the meantime, essentials that'll get us through gigs over the crazy FX!