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Hi Dan –

Thanks for the response and for looking into ModEchoVerb.

I get what you are saying about stereo reverb.  I'm an H8000FW owner and I'm sure this attention to detail is why I love its reverb algorithms.  The H9 sounds great and I wouldn't propose limiting the true stereo reverbs.

Short of a global dual-mono mode, it would be nice if a few presets had a dual-mono mode to help for people with similar dual-mono amp setups.  Here is my wish list:

  1. DynaVerb : the only verb with ducking and it does not have dual-mono
  2. ModEchoVerb : it's so versatile, it would cover a lot of ground
  3. MicroPitch : I was going to suggest "Chorus" but this can cover that ground and a bit more

Of course, as I use the H9 more, I'm sure others would come up, so a global dual-mono would be a nice long term addition.

Again, my goal isn't running the inputs at the same time, it's keep them separate so while Input1 is driving my clean signal chain, I'm not getting its effects through Output2, my distorted signal chain.

Thanks for listening,