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Hi Eventideites, I have been conversing with the wonderful Mathew from Disaster Area over the last week to come up with a flexible and useful extension to his existing DMC 2 midi controller specific to the H9. He has come with something perfect for H9 control in a small footprint that works brilliantly. You have 3 options to choose from based on your needs:

New stuff – this version adds a third mode for latch + tap controls.

Momentary mode – hold left button at boot.

Left button sends CC20/127 each press

Right button sends CC21/127 each press.

Program mode – hold right button at boot.

Left button sends program changes decreasing, scroll down for hold.

Right button sends program changes increasing, scroll up for hold.

Latch / Momentary mode – hold both buttons at boot (perfect for PSW & Tap)

Left button sends CC20, alternates between 0 and 127.

Right button sends CC21/127 each press.

The latch / momentary mode works for PSW and tap.

Make sure you ask for "DMC_2_202_Eventide.cpp.hex" when ordering your pedal as this will provide the above functionality,