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Does this algorithm also do panning?

Yes, but not in a traditional sense.  You have to offset complimentary rhythm patterns in the A & B channels.  Here's an example of a stereo "panning" preset:


Mix = WET:100

Pitch Mix = A7+B10

Pitch A = ArpA: OFF

Pitch B = ArpB: OFF

Delay A = GrvA: A03

Delay B = GrvB: B04

(encoder) = PEGGIATR / TMP OFF

Depth / Key = ATK:  -5

Speed / Scale = LN: 250 ms.

Xnob = FXA: OFF

Ynob = FXB: OFF


(EXP PED Heel) = LN: 250 ms.

(EXP PED Toe) = LN:  50 ms.


The patterns GrvA: A03 and GrvB: B04 aren't perfectly complimentary, so I tweaked the Pitch Mix to A7+B10.  They also have a wider spacing between "on" steps (positions in the 16-step sequence that aren't at minimum level).  So the "tremolo rate" will be slower; relative to any given Length in Speed / Scale.

But it's workable as a pan between A & B channels with different patterns selected in Delay A and Delay B.  In many combinations, it just won't be as symmetrical and regular as traditional LFO panning.  Patterns like GrvA: A17 and GrvB: B16 are nearly complimentary, and yet the stereo panning and tremolo characteristics change dramatically.  More like circle-picking at a faster speed than the panning sweep rate.

To combine a SpinSweeper effect with the AttackTremolo characteristics above, change the Depth / Key in the second preset listing to ATK:  5, or even ATK:  2.  You'll want a longer envelope applied to patterns with a sparse distribuion of full-level steps.

In the HarPeggiator algorithm, it's all about the relationship between the length of a step (Speed / Scale), and the attack & release times applied to those steps (Depth / Key).  The 20 patterns (plus random pattern sequencing) take on those characteristics for each audible step.  Very versatile, and that can be applied to the filters, glitches, and fuzz in the Effects section as well.

Oh.  Did I mention that there's also pitch sequencing?