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I didn't have V5 beta installed in it (my unit is from February 2013, and am unsure it was ever updated… I have it since the end of last year).

The asymmetry in the volumes happen with all presets it seems, and the difference seems to be constant at around 12db (at least using only input 1)

At least whenever I use bypass it is still visible.

I have my unit connected to my RME Fireface 800, but swapping the cables at one end, I get the same result at my sound card, the signal coming from output 1 is louder than the one from output 2.

I have tried my Eventide ModFactor and it works well (I even tried the Eventide power supply that came with my Space and the other power supply I got with the ModFactor).

But is it supposed to be possible to change the volume of L & R independently?

I was told it's possible, but I checked the manual and could only find how to change the output volume (global, not L or R) and that there are two switched for the volume too, but those don't seem to make a change…

I guess I'll try to update my Firmware before contacting support…