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Ok, actually, I think I did understand you correctly then.  You wrote:


The pedal currently has that firmware on it. Is there a different version that changes that behavior?

What firmware does you pedal have on it?  I mentioned two firmware versions in the previous post: 4.5.0[4] and 4.8.0[1].  If you don't have 4.8.0[1] installed, you should install it, and I think the preset up and preset down will behave as you want them to.  If you do have  4.8.0[1] installed and are still seeing this behavior where the preset goes up and activates, you should double check and make sure that you're not triggering two pedal functions with a single MIDI CC message, i.e. preset up and activate.  You can check this by clicking on the Pedal button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, going to Midi Settings, and going to "Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal function".