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I'm confident you're correct about the method by which the controller is scrolling presets, it isn't a simple up and down scroll as I expected, but rather sending the program change message for the given next up or down preset (controller keeping track of the the current state).  When I went through and unassigned some of the program change messages, the scrolling stopped working on my controller. At this point, I have exchanged my controller for one of their larger, fully featured controllers. Matthew from Disaster Area let me know that he would send over the midi CC messages, which I will likely still get as this same scrolling behavior is still a part of the larger controller. The new controller however will allow me to set a 'patch' to send a given midi CC to any connected midi device (up to 5 devices i think) which will allow me to easily set the engaged or bypass state of all the controlled pedals simply. The lesson learned is do better research when expecting something midi to do what you want it to 🙂