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Are you saying that you are saving presets either bypassed or active and they aren't being loaded with the correct bypass or active state?

In my case correct. 


Are you doing it directly on the stompbox itself or are you doing this with H9 Control?

I'm saving the presets on the stompbox themselves. 

 I will try to make a video to demonstrate what is going on.  Basically, I'm using Fractal Audio's MFC-101 as the Midi controller.  Pulling up a preset is no problem at all.  The issue is whether the effect is by-passed or active when I pull it up.  In some cases, I want to only load the preset so that it is ready for another part of the song.  In other cases I want to load it AND have it active say for the intro of the song.

The problem I have is I will load a preset (that was saved as active) but it will come up by-passed.  I've tried to assign a CC # to the by-pass state to turn the effect on and off which works.  However, when I combine that CC# with the PC … it turns active, but then goes to by-pass… Almost as if the CC# goes first, but then is over-rided by the PC and goes to by-pass again.

I need to make a video that will demonstrate this as I'm sure it will be very clear…prob. more than I can explain here.  Also I'll check the firmware.  I know I'm not at the lastest (V5 I think) since I'm not using the H9 control app with the stompboxes.