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I'm going to guess that the LF sends a flood of controller
messages when the pedal is changed, each one of which has to be processed by
the 'factor. This probably takes time (display update, etc) and that causes the
lag.I don't see an actual fault.

a lag is not the best way to describe it. It is more like only a certain number
of events can be processed at a time.

I said:

using the expression
pedal to control PitchFlex responds slowly; it goes from 0 to 100 moving the
pedal slowly but if you move it quickly, it just jumps to 0 or 100.

With the pitchfactor, in
the scenario I described it appears the values between 0 and 100 are skipped if
the pedal is moved to fast. There is no lag, it just doesn’t process the values
between 0 and 100.

With the Timefactor,
controlling the mix knob for example, there is a noticeable lag between the
time you stop moving the expression pedal and when the mix changes. It is harder
to hear the linier change with the mix than with the pitch so I can’t be sure
each value is processed.

The solution would be to only respond to the latest CC and ignore
earlier ones, but that is not a trivial mod, so not expected soon.

sound like what the Pitchfactor is already doing and that’s not desirable.

is there any way you guys could test this? Even if you won’t be able to fix it,
it would be nice to have a reason so we can understand the problem better.
Maybe it is something that was just overlooked?

users are likely just using the pedal jack and not trying control the pedal
with midi CC messages but I think more people will be using midi with the H9
and this issue may continue to come up. I would also be curious to know if the Eclipse
has this issue.