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We'll have to save up for a Liquid Foot 12+ and try it out.

The jumping from 0 to 100 is probably due to processing all the MIDI messages before updating the display, so this may not mean much – you don't say that this is audible.

The lag on controlling the mix knob is more problematical.

You don't need a Liquid Foot 12+, same behavior with a Midi Solutions Pedal Controller. Give it a go with what you have available.

It is audible in both cases with controlling the pitch in the pitchfactor and the mix on the timefactor.

Using the pedal input on the factors works perfectly with an
expression pedal so I’m curious to see what happens if try to control the
Pitchfactor from the Timefactors expression via midi. If there is still a lag or sent
values not being processed, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. I'll do some more testing with the Space pedal as well.