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The version I downloaded and installed was that of the promo Eventide (free license). The latter worked perfectly with my Asio driver (asio4all V2). It was only when I installed the latest version of UltraChannel I got this error message, and this as soon as I insert an audio track on my DAW (Logic Audio Platinum 5.30 for PC) . In addition, I had used on mix and it no longer works on songs master where he was inserted. I have not tried with another driver Asio but I think the problem would be the same, unless the latest version of Asio4All not be compatible. I specify that my OS is Windows 8 Maybe it comes from. If you have the solution, it would be great because this plug in is very helpful to me in my mix, and more. That said, I will try with Windows XP Pack 3, you never know!
Thank you in advance for your help
best regards