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Well, FAMC released 4.06 Firmware with a zipper setting for the expression pedals:


NEW: Expression Pedal: Zipper Parameter. When turned ON, a CC type
expression pedal will automatically send all sequential values from the
last position to the current position instead of jumping. If the
previous position was value 2 and a very quick change brings the value
to 127, the zipper parameter will transmit every CC# between 2 and 127
automatically. Normally this would be turned OFF.

It did not fix the issue. I was skeptical it would as the expression pedal from the liquid foot already worked correctly with my other midi gear.

The ball is back in Eventide's court. There is something in the way Eventide reads the CC messages that is different from other manufactures that causes this problem with the factor pedals and the H9.

Nick, my offer still stands, I will send you a LF+ JR+ controller to test if you want to look into this further.

I will try some MIDI Monitor programs to see what's different between what the LF sends and Midi Solution sends. Maybe there is still a chance FAMC can do something if they know what to look for. They are really good about quickly releasing updates to fix issues their customers find.