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Two requests relating to MIDI PC:

1) Include an option to have presets automatically activate in response to MIDI PC.

I just received my H9 (loving it so far) so there could be some user error here, but using my Disaster Area DPC-8 controller, changing presets on the controller (which fires PC messages) causes the assigned preset name/number to show up on the H9's screen (all good), however the preset is not activated and does not become active when stepping on the Activate button. What's confusing me is the activate button on the H9 won't activate the new preset. The activate led is on from the previous preset, but neither the new preset nor previous preset is effecting the signal (I'm getting a completely dry signal at this point), and the H9 can only be re-activated by selecting and activating a new preset directly from the H9 itself. Regardless of my probable user error here, it would be ideal to have the preset auto-activate in response to MIDI PC.

2) Allow the tuner to be activated with a MIDI PC Message.

This would allow me to put the DPC-8 into bypass (sending PC 0) and have the H9 respond by activating the tuner. Could this be added as an option under Programme Change receive map? This would be incredibly useful for me and make the tuner much easier to use.