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I just downloaded the latest build of H9 Control from our site and went through the steps of pairing to the H9 and connecting to the H9 with H9 Control, and everything worked fine.  You said earlier that you were having trouble pairing with your H9 in the device manager.  If I were having trouble pairing, I would first make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the H9;  a blue LED in the upper right corner of the H9 lights up when its on.  Then I'd try turning Bluetooth off and then on again by pressing the X, Y, and Z switches simultaneously to turn it off and then pressing them again to turn it back on.  If the H9 was paired with something else, it won't be able to pair with a PC.  Toggling Bluetooth off and on again will unpair it from whatever it was paired to.  If I still couldn't pair with it after all of this, I'd check the spec sheet on the Bluetooth chip I'm using to see what it supports.  The H9 is using Bluetooth 2.1…