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I knew that I missed at least one TGP resource: Eventide H9 (SPACE, PitchFactor, TimeFactor, ModFactor) Settings Thread.  Lots of useful, single presets to be found there.  What I hadn't realized is that I never finished posting the MetaEffects pairs that I had uploaded much earlier.  More to come …

Preset A

Preset B (in series)

Envelope control over the pitch glides to unison (from up & down one octave).  Simultaneous envelope control over the tremolo chop rate.  The combined effect will be diluted if it's placed post-compressor.

The HarModulator provides a pitch – attack transient, while the TremoloPan slows down on string decay.  Leslie-like rate slicing follows the initial pitch sweeps.  It's also possible to "catch" the glides part way with sharp, staccato input.