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More thoughts:

1) You say "A MIDI clock is not possible, one can not set the tap tempo anymore."

You may or may not be able to use MIDIclock, but setting the tap tempo is pretty easy, either by a switch or MIDI.  You can also enter a tempo value directly on H9Control.

A MIDI clock is not practical for me. If you enable MIDI clock in, the tap tempo doesn't work any more. I need tap tempo! I use my H9 in a praiseband and the churchgoers have a own feeling of tempo. They often are speeding and nothing can slow them down, just like a train going down hill. Hense the tap tempo. But for initial tempo settings a MIDI CC message would be fantastic. forScore is setting presets and some parameters for the H9 by MIDI for each score and it would be invaluable to set the tap tempo the same way. Manualy tapping the right tempo is difficult and otherwise you have to bend over every time to set te tap value by the hotknob if the same preset is used.


2) There is a small problem using a CC to set the tempo directly – you would be limited to values below 127 BPM, unless you made the CC value (say) a quarter of the actual tempo. This would then mean you could set 120 BPM, but not (say) 122 BPM. Nothing is easy.

One could use a 14 bit NRPN or use two CC's. One CC for setting the tap value 0-99 (just like the presets) and the other CC for setting the hundred/thousent part. So CC1 set to 40 and CC2 set to 2 would make 240 bpm/ms,  depending on the settings. A delay time of 1200ms would need CC1 to be value 00 and CC2 to be value 12. Or the hex counterparts…