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Maybe, it could work that way.  Alternatively, if we could H9 Control run in background mode only if those MIDI features are enabled, that would be another option, but normally, one enables or disables background operation through the apps property file.  We'll have to look into it…

We're hesitant to always have H9 Control run in background mode for all users b/c it's generally speaking just a good thing to let an app quit when you're not using it as long as it can start up quickly again. It's better for stability to have a clean start.

Maybe a separate app to control the H9 by MIDI is the best way to go. That way it does not mess with the H9 Control app in any way. It could be a very basis app that registers the H9 as a virtual MIDI device and stays in the background. It would be great though if such an app would presents itself as an independent virtual MIDI port (like mi.1 connect does) and not, as the current H9 Control, has to be connected to another MIDI port.


I tried to set things up on a Windows machine to test this. I was going to route Max/MSP through a LoopBE virtual MIDI port to H9 Control. I launched Max first and routed it to LoopBE. Then I launched H9 Control and it couldn't open up the MIDI port any more to connect to the H9. Max/MSP was locking up all of the MIDI ports. I had to restart the machine so that H9 Control could talk to the H9, but I could never get both Max/MSP and H9 Control working with MIDI at the same time, much less working together. This doesn't happen on Mac…  What exactly were you trying to route through H9 Control on Windows? Maybe, the app you were using was also locking up all of the MIDI ports?

I can't get it to work on Windows 7 with LoopBE virtual MIDI port too. Nothing happens when sending MIDI messages to H9 Control connected this way. MIDI-OX caputeres all MIDI events just fine though. H9 Control v1.6.2 crashes when connected to my Roland Quad-Caputer UA-55 MIDI port as soon as MIDI messages are send into H9 Control this way and is thrown out of memory, but I don't have to restart the computer for MIDI to work. It happens when trying to control H9 by MIDI-OX program change and CC messages and when my iPad, connected by a MIDI cable into the Roland UA-55 sends MIDI to H9 by using forScore or MIDI Toolbox.