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ok, thanks for clarifying!

When in DUB mode it always displays 1X before STOP. In play mode this doesn't happen. In DUB mode you have to wait for the STOP sign to be able to press again twice to empty the loop. This is making emptying the loop slower I think. Or at least you can not tap the Fw for the 1X disappears (?).

I can see this happening, I think the dub mode aspect is only when you're hooked up to H9 Control, at that is the only way I can replicate the Dub Mode dependency.  I'm still able to Empty the loop when the display shows the 1X.  You should be able to as well.  A quick test to whether it's empty or not, is to quickly empty it and then press the Left Footswitch to Record before you ever see the Stop.  It should Record, which proves it successfully emptied.  I believe this to be a cosmetic display bug, but I'll dig into it a bit to be sure.  


About the P:LOOP. I didn't know it only stopped after the max loop time. I thought it also should stop when you stop recording with the left Fw. My mistake. Can you give some practical use for using the LOOP over AUTOPLAY?

The most practical situation would be where you want several bars (or an exact time) of loop that you don't need to play immediately immediately but want to trigger later in a song.