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You are right about the 1x display. You can empty the loop but it is not very practical in a live situation if one can not see on the display what's really happening. I always use the H9 control on my laptop also when playing live

Yeah sorry about that, I'll put it in the bug list for fixing in the next update.  You could always use an Aux switch set to MT if you want to be very sure that it was emptied in the meantime.  


ok, but then it would be more logical to me if the behavior was the same when using the footswitch to stop the loop. So not only with the loop end time like it is now.

You can always use the Right Footswitch in any PLAYMODE to stop the recording.  The PLAYMODE specifically defines 3 things with each setting: 

1. how many times the loop plays 

2. what happens at MaxLength

3. The function of the middle button in H9 Control

The Left Footswitch is agnostic to Playmode.  I figured it best to have the Footswitches always be consistent, that way in a crunch they are predictable.