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'Discovered' something else today. When changing the resolution it always changes back to OCTAVES after you have emptied the loop and hit record again. Even when you have saved a preset with say OCT+5th the moment you start recording it jumps right back to OCTAVES. I don't think it is supposed to that.

That is actually how it was intended to work (it's in the user Looper Help file).  It was actually a hard decision to come by, choosing between having an auto Octave switch back or not, but here is why: 

Each way ( 1. auto Octave swtich back, 2. no auto Octave switch back) will always require an extra user step to change the Resolution in the situation where you want to record a new loop and have it playback at the speed you recorded (which I'm assuming is the majority of cases for a Looper in a guitar pedal).  For 1, it the extra user step always occurs after you create a new loop and have to adjust the Resolution to something else.  For 2, the extra step occurs before you want to record a new loop, i.e. put the Resolution back to Octaves, or at least make sure you put the Speed back to 100 or 50, etc.  

During a performance, I believe missing the extra user step for 2 to be more detrimental than missing it for 1.   If you forget to do it for 2, the weird and possibly out of key playback will come as surprise, if you miss it for 1, well, you really don't miss it, because you can do it at any time.  

Therefore, I assume that 2 is the more dangerous path for the majority of users, so I default to 1, with the tradeoff that it's slightly inconvenient for the more tweaker-prone out there.