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Thanks again for the explanation!

For me personally it is very confusing and unlike any other looper I own and have tried. Every other looper plays the whole loop in 1/2 speed. It makes no sense to me to have it behave different in play and dub mode. I understand what you are saying but it is very confusing and less practical (for me).

Especially if you switch a lot between play and dub mode like many users do.

Duly noted…. now that I'm getting some space from rushing to finish a good solid Looper, I'll think about some of these issues and what we should do about them.

Trying to cram all the best looping features in one super-flexible algorithm proved challenging, as there were many competing features and trade-off decisions to be made.  For example, seamless dubbing over the splice often clashed with a solid beat sync (especially with noisy/jittery MIDICLK sources).  Add in the anytime speed changes and non-destructive loop trimming, and you've got a hell of a beast to tame.  As a "tweaker prone" user you're stumbling upon all of the trade-offs rather quickly!   Not that I mind, we appreciate when our users dig in.