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Lonny Jarrett

Hello, I'm putting together a pedalboard and had purchased a TC ditto to use as a looper. However, with the sweet deal on the H9 max I've just bought a 2nd H9 for the board. Now, it occurs to me that I can just use that as the looper when I want to loop. 

Here is my question: If I have both H9s linked serially in my amps effect loop, will the the second still work as a looper? I'm used to having my looper before the amp.

My inclination would be to have a mono signal feed the H9#1 then to take the stereo outs into the stereo ins on H9#2 with a single output going to the looper and then into the amps front end. 


Should I just take the amps effect send into input of H9#1->H9#2-> amp return?

Thank you!