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I read the whole thread. I about to receive an H9 to add to the holy triumvirate of my factor pedals. I just want to add my thoughts about the OD/dirt discussion. I dream of a OD/dirt factor pedal that would so good as to allow me to re[place the four OD/dirt pedals on my board (Lovepedal- Amp eleven: for light break up, Rockett Pedal- Allen Holdsworth Signature OD: for sweet mid range full out dirt,  Analogman- Sunface: I hit it soft to get a really bright light fizz and, a HBE UFO to do all my Jimi octave fuzz stuff). I also own a collection of OD/dirt pedals.

I have yet to hear an digit OD/dirt algorithm be able to really sound great in the same way as analogue sources are able to achieve. The digital version are useable and have continued to become better but still lack something. I would say that they lack a sense of air and subtle variation of timber in relationship to the input. I do believe that one day this will be overcome.

Trying to see Eventide for the strengths that they have historically demonstrated, I would assume that this overcoming is not Eventide focus. (In my dreams, I imagine that Eventide and Universal Audio combine forces to create the first digital and fully organic OD/dirt stompbox). However, I have not had a chance to try the Eclipse and I do believe that if Eventide is willing to put in the needs R+D they should be able to achieve impressive qualities.

After having expressed my thoughts, I must include that a bit crusher and the feedback distortion algorithm would be cool to have for the H9.