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Should I try a factory reset on the pedals?  I seems to be some sort of contention between the two of them.

Well, there's two ways to reset the H9.  You can reset just the system settings, and you can do a full factory reset which wipes out your presets as well.  If you don't have any complicated MIDI map stuff it might be worth a try to reset your system settings.  (Turn the H9 off and then on again with the right footswitch and the HotKnob switch in the upper left hand corner pressed.)  I'd be surprised if this had any effect though.  This problem only seems to occur on iPad Airs, and the H9's themselves don't do anything tricky like auto reconnecting that one might imagine could contention between the two.  So, I think it's something about the iPad Air that's causing the problem.  I'll poke around on Apple's developer forums today to see if I can find out anything about this there.