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I agree that more filter algorithms would be useful. Maybe a powerful algorithm for the H9. I would buy it (series and parallel with modulation and control over the shape of the filter).  Also the ability to adjust the LP, MP, and HP filters range and q could allow for the modfilter to be even more useable. I can get a cool auto wha sound with the LP in the modfilter but for me it lacks a little edge or roughness in tone. That is why I turn to the q-wha. However the q-wha is not as "funky" as the modfilter. After having said all this, I have been very impressed with how well  the envelope filters. Since I leave my comp pedal on all the time, I have to live with the effects that comp has on the rest of my pedals. I am amazed that the filter will work as well as it does given my setup. To sum up: more filter, please. Smile