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Could there be a automatic retrigger function option in any possible update? So that the harpeggiator gets retriggered automatically at the initial attack. My Axe fx II has that option (called RUN). You can attach a modifier to that 'button' to retrigger the sequence automatically on each new note. So no AUX switch is necessary. Would make the harpeggiator more useful to me.

I'll admit that I had my doubts about the usefulness of that FR.  But it turned out to be a much cooler effect than I thought it would be.  As an experiment, I set up my Lexicon MPX1 as a source of MIDI triggers for the PitchFactor.

Sending a one shot LFO pulse of a CC message, I was able to trigger the Restart function on the HarPeggiator.  The pulse went from a CC value of 127 to 0; mimicking a momentary switch.  It's fast enough to reset the Flex function before the next incoming note.  The pulse itself was triggered by audio input.  Voila!  HarPeggiator sequence retriggering on every note.

It got even better by setting up the audio envelope to control the sequencing rate.  If the MIDI CC minimum & maximum values are inverted, the Harpeggiator retriggered on every note, and the rate gradually slowed down from rapid sequencing down to barely moving on sustained notes.

If you use only the Groove or FX sections, this kind of setup turns into highly controllable slicers and filter sequencers.  I don't know if your feature request is ever going to happen, but thanks for the inspiration.