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Manual says that the Ring Mod has sync to pitch. But I can't find it! Where is it in the Ring Mod?

You got me.  The manual seems to imply that switching to Tempo On changes the "LFO rate" (SPEED in H9 Control) from frequency in Hetz to note values  I tried a lot of combinations during the 5-minute trials, and couldn't get that feature to come up.  And it seems like the Modulation Depth is "un-used" in any situation.  Could be user error on my part, an H9 Control quirk, or maybe it goes back to the ModFactor original.

That's not to say that I couldn't tune roughly to a base note frequency with the Speed control.  But that's not the same as a Tune control that could be triggered from a switch or pedal, and "played".  Hmm.  All this talk of frequency shifters and ring modulation will have me dusting off the old Frequency Analyzer for comparisons.

I'll hand it to Eventide's Ring Mod demo presets: They have that barely-on, tremolo and phasing FX from ring modulation well covered.  At least as good – and possibly much better –  than the Ring Thing equivalents.  I know for sure when I finally Max Out on the algorithms.