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Well, looks like the looper algo freezes more frequently than i noticed earlier. It happens in like 10 times of 100 and sometimes you cannot just stop it and begin recording again. You should load another preset and then go back to looper preset to make it work again. Very annoying and it makes looper unreliable and unusable in live situations. Maybe it depends on power? I power it with the most powerful output i have on my CIOKS TC10 – 12VDC 400mA. 

Ok.  thanks for diving into this Looper (and for the compliments on it's handiness!).  As with the previous issue, might you be kind enough to chase this down further for us?  Please be as detailed as possible.  A list of steps that reliably is able to reproduce the issue would be most helpful, as in: 

1. Load non-Looper Preset XX

2. From non-Looper Preset XX, load Looper Preset YY

3. Looper Preset YY is a Looper preset with these parameter settings (list them) and is in Tempo (or non tempo) Mode, etc.  

4……etc etc. steps until we can get to the freeze or hang.  

Even if it's 10% of the time we should see it here pretty quickly, given this level of detail.  

Thanks again!