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I came across a somewhat unique twist on infinite looping and "loop aging".  This may be the shortest of the Short Phrase Looping Techniques at 500 ms.  That's because it's one result from preset simulations of my beloved Ibanez AD-220 Analog Delay & Multi-Flanger.

The base setting has two short, offset delay times for a 'bouncing' feedback, with deep – but very slow – pitch modulation.  The Filter is at 100, for very dark and rapid echo decays (even with 100% Feedback set for each delay line).

But with the Filter inside the feedback loop, bringing it back towards the midpoint will reintroduce infinite looping and brighter delay feedback.  The expression pedal sweeps the Filter from 100 to 0.  As always, the REPEAT switch freezes the current delay buffer, so you can play over the loop wherever the Filter happens to be.