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      While we patiently wait for the H9 Looper release … (TimeFactor owners: Feel free to jump in with your tips here.)  I ran across this discussion of Steve Reich-type looping in the Harmonizers forum.  It got me thinking about phrase looping and phase offsets.

      Some TimeFactor, PitchFactor, and H9 Special algorithms can be set up for phrase loops.  Yes, they're relatively short [3 seconds in the TF; 2000 or 1480 ms. in the PF], but two loops are available, in stereo.  That's long enough – and capable enough – for some short repeating phrases, loops drifting out of phase, evolving glitch & stutter phrases, or seemless ambient loop buildups.

      A base patch for experimentation might start out like this:


        • "Record & Overdub" Mode = 100% in Feedback A & Feedback B
        • "Undo / Re-Record / Stop" Mode = 0% in Feedback A & Feedback B
        • "Play" Mode = Bypass using system setting DSP + FX
        • "Stutter" Mode = Repeat / Flex switch

      I usually set up a preset to use the expression pedal for the most used component (both Feedback controls from 100%-0% here).  You can duplicate that with an Aux switch set to control both KB8 & KB9.  The switch or HotSwitch (instant loop stop) has a different feel than the expression pedal (fade to stop, and adjustable loop decay).  Both are useful in parallel.  The expression pedal can be adjusted midway (as a 'Decay" control), or rapidly pushed heel-to-toe and back again.  The latter will "deconstruct" the loops; chopping out some sections, and leaving other components in the loop.

      Flex/Performance can be another common Aux setting, or Active / Bypass for Play (loop continues while you play over it).  Using enough interaction with ACT/BYP, Flex, and Feedback leads to some very complex repeating phrases, and ones that evolve over time.

      The preset above drifts out-of-phase seven times before coming back into sync on the eighth repeat.  Changing Delay B to 1875 ms. loops in 16 repeats.  Varying the second delay offset changes the Reich-like phase looping from subtle & long to drastic and short phasing (until sync realignment).

      I have quite a few more variations on this theme to post, but please add your own techniques and discoveries here.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback = 100%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback = 0%

      Special effect looping.  Quartertone steps increase in number and pitch over time.

      Flex switch press brings the pitch of each step up to a semitone increment.

      The loop eventually blurs, deconstructs, and decays with the barberpole-style rising pitch.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback A = 100%

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback B = 100%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback A = 0%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback B = 0%

      Ascending and descending perfect fifths with a retro H910 tone.

      Flex switch press adds a 200 ms. stutter to the loop.

      Looping will also eventually decay (rising & falling pitch shifts beyond bandwidth).

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch A = 0.500

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch B = 2.000

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch A = 2.000

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch B = 0.500

      Smooth crossing pitch shifts from 1 octave above to 1 octave below in opposite directions.

      Flex switch press blends in stutter to the loop (pitchshifted during EXP PED moves).

      Active expression keeps the alien voices rolling.  Pedal stop will soon decay loop.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch A = 0.500

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch B = 2.000

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch A = 2.000

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch B = 0.500

      The chromatic version of PitchGlideLooper (stepped pitches with the H949-1 algo).

      200 ms. stuttering introduced into the loop with the Flex switch.

      Midpoint position of expression pedal (see image) sets up phasing-type phrase looping.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback = 100%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback = 0%

      Envelope-controlled up & down octave glides in phase-offset loops.

      Flex switch introduces pitch glides one octave higher.

      Expression pedal for decaying loops, deconstruction, and loop stop.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch A = 0.995

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch B = 1.005

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch A = 0.950

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch B = 1.050

      Downward & upward 'belltree' microshifts in two phase-offset loops (eventual long decay).

      Flex switch adds repeat stutters inside the loops.

      Expression pedal changes recirculating pitches from +/- 5 cents to +/- 50 cents.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Rev Delay A = 500 ms.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Rev Delay B = 2000 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Rev Delay A = 2000 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Rev Delay B = 500 ms.

      Two reverse 4ths & 5ths recirculating loops (medium decay @ upper bandwidth limit).

      Flex switch transpose entire loop structures up one octave (quickening decay time).

      Active expression pedal swaps reverse delay time limits for evolving note sequences.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch Mix = A10 + B0

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch Mix = A0 + B10

      Scale-constrained intervals in two phase-offset loops (preset medium-long decay times).

      Flex switch Learn modulates scale root notes for overdubs within the loops.

      Expression pedal mixes loop input from A through B. The opposite side continues to loop.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch Mix = A10 + B0

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch B = UNISON

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch Mix = A0 + B10

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch B = +1oct

      Pitch A = straight harmony. Pitch B = looping harmony of cascading glissando notes.

      Flex switch Learn changes scale root note; also shifts cascaded notes within the B looper.

      EXP PED heel = minor 3rd interval.  Toe & back = UNISON to +1oct looping scales.

      Midpoint of EXP PED throw = minor 3rd and perfect 5th harmony mix with repeating 5ths.

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      There are some really great ideas here. Thanks for posting this stuff up!

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      +1 on what bpamier said.  I always look forward to your settings ideas, great stuff!!  Thanks

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      And we haven't touched on the TimeFactor algorithms yet!  In many ways, those algos are more appropriate for short phrase looping techniques.  Longer maximum delay time, for one thing (3 full seconds, or a whole note measure).  The Repeat switch replaces the tactic of using the PitchFactor's Active / Bypass switch as a "Play" mode [DSP + FX].

      While Repeat is latched, the parameters can still be manipulated with an expression pedal, so the loops can dynamically evolve.  And since a latched Repeat is essentially 100% Feedback, the actual feedback controls can be set somewhat lower.  Un-latch Repeat, and the loops can decay at adjustable rates.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay A = 75 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay A = 3000 ms.

      Delay A = a short slapback flutter echo + quick fade at the default (EXP PED heel).

      Delay B = a long loop with a somewhat long decay time.  Mirrored notes minus the flutter.

      The Repeat switch latches the loops for infinite feedback & loop mangling in Delay A.

      Expression pedal speeds / drags the "tape reels" for extreme pitch bends in Delay A.

      Latch Repeat [Delay A buffer full] for retro tape speed pitchbending and '50's space FX.

      Unlatch Repeat for long loop decays that can still be manipulated with the EXP PED.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback A = 110%

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback B = 110%

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Mod Depth= 10

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback A = 0%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback B = 0%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Mod Depth= 20 

      "Utterly without redeeming social value" preset.  Crazy vibrato in phase-offset loops.

      The Repeat switch latches feedback anywhere from the default runaway setting on down.

      EXP PED increases modulation depth while decaying the loops (+ base pitch shifting).

      Not for the squeamish, but can be tamed (lower Mod) for fast-syncing phased looping.

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      Ok, this is not what you think of when you think "looper", but technically, it uses many of the same concepts.  The results are more along the lines of resonant delays and pitch shifting with dark, foreboding undertones.  Call it a lo-fi reverb, metallic pipe delay, tuned / detuned resonator, flange mangler … it's all about the short delay times with heavy feedback.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay A = 50 ms.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay B = 0 ms.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Wow = 10

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Flutter = 0

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay A = 0 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay B = 50 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Wow = 0

      Expression Pedal Toe:   Flutter = 10

      Shift, bend, and twist resonant delays.  Wild flanging & filter matrix FX with sweeps.

      Latch Repeat for frozen resonance that can be swept for weird stutter / hetereodyne FX.

      Unlatch Repeat for fading decays (full toe down EXP PED for near-instant decay / gating.

      EXP PED swaps delay times + Wow / Flutter settings for resonance & pitch change FX.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay B = 15/16

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback A = 75%

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback B = 75%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay B = 1/4

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback A = 100%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback A = 100%

      Phase-offset loops – a heavy dose of pitch wobble – and long (but not infinite) decays.

      Freeze for effect manipulations with the Repeat switch.  Different FX with latch / unlatch.

      EXP PED offsets Delay B, increases feedback to infinite, + shifts "tape speeds" up & back.

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      One of my favorite feedback configurations to revisit.  Here's the base concept to exploit (excerpt from the user manual).  The emphasis is mine.

      Xnob (Ynob)

      Controls level of Voice A (Voice B) feedback.  The feedback delay length is Delay A or Delay B, whichever is longer.

      I added +/- one octave here to highlight the panned, glitchy stuttering effects, and increased feedback to infinite.  It's just as interesting at unison pitch settings with an active expression pedal.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay B = 1/2

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay B = 1/32

      Unlimited rhythmic variations + octave shifts; thanks to the delay length precedence.

      The Flex / Learn switch … is useless here.  Octaves are octaves.  Useful w/ other intervals.

      EXP PED changes the rhythm texture of the delay pair with every movement.

      Delay B determines the feedback loop length, until it drops < Delay A @ 1/8 (taking over).

      Not an Eventide product, but a perfect match for the Stompboxes (and the presets above).  With the ScratchLoopDelay variations, I'll often set the sequencer to Random steps, no Glide, and a tempo synchronized to a MIDI clock.  The Expression Pedal output now randomly switches the Delay B beat fraction; also sync'ed to MIDI.

      As a result, the stuttering effects remain locked – in a relative sense – to the current tempo.  But the stuttering delays weave their way in & out in a steady, but unpredictable manner.  Since it's expression pedal-based, this will work with any preset.  But this kind of combination especially shines with a rhythmic base.

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      This out-of-phase pair of loops takes advantage of the differing range limits in the Pitch Cntrl parameter.  As the loops drift out of sync, the Eventide pitch shifter models go 'back in time'.  Pitch (in the feedback loops) starts at unison, then increases to 1/3 semitone, followed by 1-1/2 semitones up.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay B = 2000 ms.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Type = Modern

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch Cntrl = Chromatic

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay B = 1500 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Type = H910

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch Cntrl = Normal

      Phasing phrase loops drift in time, pitch, + shifter model & algorithm, with long decay.

      Repeat switch folds in 200 ms. stutters of the audio currently looping in the buffer.

      EXP PED adjusts Delay B time, type of algorithm, & pitch resolution / pitch range,

      Overlapped parameter changes create 4-5 FX types (within loops) over pedal throw range.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch A = 25 cents

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch B = (-)25 cents

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback = 100%

      Expression Pedal Toe:   Pitch A = 5 cents

      Expression Pedal Toe:   Pitch B = (-)5 cents

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback = 0%

      Deep vibrato echoes on offset loops that deconstruct over long decay times.

      Flex switch doubles the pitch detuning at any given moment ('printed' within loops).

      Expression pedal decreases detune while fading out loops to a single echo & slapback pair.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Verb Mix = 0%

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Verb Decay = 100 seconds

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback A = 100%

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback B = 100%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Verb Mix = 100%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Verb Decay = 5.0 seconds

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback A = 0%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback B = 0%

      Offset reverse delays in semi-infinite loops that build and deconstruct over time.

      Flex switch shifts reversed delays up one octave.  Pitch shifts are baked into loops.

      EXP PED introduces loop decays + reverb burst from low-mix cavern to dripping wet room.

      Slow pedal throw fades out loops into the distance.  Fast throw = semi-gated FX.

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      Expression Pedal Heel: Feedback = 100%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback = 25%

      Infinite sequencer loop composed of alternating unison, -1 octave, +5ths & oct+5th notes.

      Build intricate sequences with sparse input, Flex switch Octave up, & sync'ing to SQR LFO.

      EXP PED brings loops to a fast (not instant) decay fade.  Fast throw = loop clipping FX.

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      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay A = 1/2

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay B = Dotted 1/4

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback A = 100%

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback B = 100%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay A = Dotted 1/4

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay B = 1/2

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback A = 75%

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback B = 75%

      Harmonized oct+m3rd & 2 octaves up flip their loop delay times in infinite phrase loops.

      Root notes modulated with Flex/Learn switch.  Very effective with 'exotic' scale looping.

      EXP PED swaps delay times & panning (adds short fades), and reduces inf. feedback.

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      This preset is more of a sound design tool than a straight-up looper.  Good for industrial ambient loops, or less extreme pitch bending techniques.  It's set up for runaway feedback conditions, so use the Active / Bypass switch to tame any unwanted buildup or hiss regeneration.  I'm running in stereo, so the results may differ when mixed to mono.

      The image below shows the expression pedal set to midpoint (equal delay mix and delay time values for A & B).  Quick Tip:  To dial in exact values in H9 Control (Windows), hold the CTRL key while adjusting, or double-click on many parameter values to type in values.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay Mix = A10 + B 0

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay A = 3000 ms.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay B = 2500 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay Mix = A 0 + B10

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay A = 2500 ms

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay B = 3000 ms.

      Pitchbending FX (using expression pedal) inside infinite looping with runaway oscillation.

      Imagine performing studio tape flanging by tossing sandbags at the reels.

      The Repeat switch allows loop locking with some added effects & FX limitations.

      EXP PED = Slow/short throw: slight bend manipulation.  Long/fast throw: extreme bends.

      Active / Bypass switch for instant Stop – Restart – Chopped Loop Input effects.

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      Create a note sequencer loop from a drone input.

      Fade in a sustaining note or chord for more than 2 seconds, then fade out.

      Use a volume control, volume pedal, eBow, EHX Freeze, compressor, etc.

      Manipulate the Pitch A & Pitch B knobs.  End up at 1.000 to avoid belltree FX.

      Use the mouse in H9 Control, exp. pedal, aux switches, etc. to sequence pitches.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch A = 1.000

      Expression Pedal Heel:  Pitch B = 1.000

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch A = 0.749

      Expression Pedal Toe:  Pitch B = 1.498

      Hit the Repeat switch for stuttering pitches within the note sequence.

      Bring one or both Feedback controls to 0 to chop out parts of the sequence.

      Feedback to zero for more than 2 seconds clears one or both note sequences.


      Changing Pitch Cntrl to Micro or Normal adds microtonal components to the loop.

      Add glitching artifacts and hesitations by changing Type to an H9xx model.

      Bypass (with DSP FX setting) "freezes" the sequence from additional input.

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      Unlike the delay-into-looper presets above, this one sets up the Looper algorithm as a highly configurable delay line, with forward / reverse delays and pitch / rate changes.

      In an "empty" loop, select a maximum delay time in MAX-LENGTH (2.00 seconds here).  Delay times less than this maximum can be trimmed after initial recording with the PLY-START and PLY-LENGTH controls.

      Important: For the DECAY control to work correctly as delay feedback / regeneration, the Looper must be in Dub Mode (Record first to lock in the delay time, then switch to Dub).

      Expression Pedal Heel:  PLAYSPEED = 25

      Expression Pedal Toe:  PLAYSPEED = 200

      With Dub Mode cycling:

      *  EXP PED shifts 2 OCT down, 1 OCT down, unison, and 1 OCT up & rate changes.

      *  PLAY switch shifts repeats forward to reverse (from current PLAYSPEED).

      DECAY fades out delays [0 = infinite feedback.  100 = single repeat.]

      With Play mode cycling (hit Record switch):

      * Current delay buffer contents are 'frozen' into infinite loop at current settings.

      * Dry signal can continue over the top of the infinite loop.

      * Hit Record switch again to revert back to the delay line configuration.

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      This preset sets up a playback sampler, with each of the 20 samples being a 1/4 note long.  Of course, that can change to any number of samples at any length (in 1-beat increments, and within the limitations of the Looper algorithm).

      First, configure the preset below, then hit Record to sample in your 20-beat phrase.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  PLY-START = 1.0 BEATS

      Expression Pedal Toe:  PLY-START = 20.0 BEATS

      • After recording, hit Stop (optional with the AUTOPLAY set).
      • Change the PLY-LENGTH knob setting from 20.0 BEATS to 1.0 BEAT.
      • That can be done manually, in H9 Control, with an Aux switch, or over MIDI.

      • Resume Playback (if Stopped), or continue to AP:LOOP.
      • Use the Expression Pedal to select any 1/4 note sample from 1-20 for looping.

      • Change PLAYMODE to ONCE for one-shot phrase triggers.
      • The image below shows sample #4 looping, due to the current PLY-START position.

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      Here's a long decaying, 1 second phrase looper.  The Rhythm defaults to, but the expression pedal is mapped across the full range, from to  You can 'play' the Rhythm spacing as it loops.

      The HotSwitch changes Feedback from FB1:95 to its particular Freeze position.  The long decay is defeated, and Rhythm positions can still be 'played' with the expression pedal.

      Note 1-4 have no Resonance (unpitched), but their active high & low pass filters are set to sweep upward across the four delays.  Here is the default Rhythm of, as adjusted from the Note Grid tab.  You can adjust apparent pitch / filter positions, delay timing, and overall delay maximum, all from this page.

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      I came across a somewhat unique twist on infinite looping and "loop aging".  This may be the shortest of the Short Phrase Looping Techniques at 500 ms.  That's because it's one result from preset simulations of my beloved Ibanez AD-220 Analog Delay & Multi-Flanger.

      The base setting has two short, offset delay times for a 'bouncing' feedback, with deep – but very slow – pitch modulation.  The Filter is at 100, for very dark and rapid echo decays (even with 100% Feedback set for each delay line).

      But with the Filter inside the feedback loop, bringing it back towards the midpoint will reintroduce infinite looping and brighter delay feedback.  The expression pedal sweeps the Filter from 100 to 0.  As always, the REPEAT switch freezes the current delay buffer, so you can play over the loop wherever the Filter happens to be.

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      I like this topic! been trying out some of your presets and adjusting things to my taste. Very nice job!

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      Cool, and that was the whole idea.  Post a number of loop techniques as starting points, and see what might evolve from there.  Actually, I began exploring the current looping options just before the H9 Looper was finalized.  Good practice for the 'real thing'.  But then the short phrase / phasing loop techniques took on a life of their own.

      There's a very informative – and very long – thread developing on another forum: Looping for Guitarists: An Open Letter to FX Manufacturers.  It was recently started by David Torn to compare hardware looper features in past, present, & future devices.  It hasn't quite disintegrated into chaos yet, and it took a dozen pages or so to see any Eventide love.

      Still, it's a fascinating read, and it covers many kinds of unusual techniques; some of which you might see here.  Of course, 2- and 3-second loop techniques aren't going to get any notice, unless they're produced in some classic device from the past.  I'm now using some shorter techniques 'nested' inside longer loops, with a 2nd or 3rd device.

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      Can you tell that I just purchased the MultiTap algorithm?  So, why would anyone seek out MultiTap, when there's the super-versatile UltraTap algo available?  In a word:  Feedback.

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      "Wipe" the infinite looping by sweeping the midpoint of the expression pedal travel.

      Interesting places to HotSwitch abound here.  Some examples:

      Feedback = 99 to Feedback = FREEZE (loops on ice)

      Feedback = 99 to Feedback = 0 (loop aging)

      The 'sweet spot' between Gravity = 0-1 & Inv-Gravity = 0-1 (loop bends/chops)

      Throttling up Mod Depth to full (loop decimation sweep)



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      There's a very informative – and very long – thread developing on another forum: Looping for Guitarists: An Open Letter to FX Manufacturers.  It was recently started by David Torn to compare hardware looper features in past, present, & future devices.  It hasn't quite disintegrated into chaos yet, and it took a dozen pages or so to see any Eventide love.

      Thanks for that link. That was a long but good read (for most part). I guess the problem is that everyone wants something else out of a looper. It will either be too complex (like the Echolplex or Mobius or too limiting like almost any other hardware looper). I also hate the 'one man one band' style of looping that is so popular now. Will try out you new presets. Thanks for those!

    • #138456

      HotSwitch OFF:  LOW-LVL -100  HIGH-LVL  100

      HotSwitch  ON:  LOW-LVL 100  HIGH-LVL  – 100

      Expression Pedal Heel:  ECHO-FDBK  100

      Expression Pedal Toe:  ECHO-FDBK  0  (loop stop – instant aging)

    • #138457

      Expression Pedal Heel:  DELAY B  2925 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:   DELAY B  1500 ms.

    • #138470

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK  100

      Expression Pedal Heel:  SLUR  3

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK  0

      Expression Pedal Toe:   SLUR  10

    • #138471

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK A  92

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK B  92

      Expression Pedal Heel:  XFADE  200 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK A  50

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK B  50

      Expression Pedal Toe:   XFADE  50 ms.

    • #138473

      Expression Pedal Heel:  MOD SPEED 0.25 Hz.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  RESONANCE  10

      Expression Pedal Toe:   MOD SPEED 2.50 Hz.

      Expression Pedal Toe:   RESONANCE  0

    • #138658

      Expression Pedal Heel:  XFADE 200 ms.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  MOD SPEED 0.50 Hz.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FILTER  0

      Expression Pedal Toe:   XFADE 3 ms.

      Expression Pedal Toe:   MOD SPEED 5.00 Hz.

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FILTER  -100

    • #138659

      Expression Pedal Heel:  DELAY A 1000 mS.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  DELAY B 1500 mS.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK A  95

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK B  95

      Expression Pedal Toe:   DELAY A  25 mS.

      Expression Pedal Toe:   DELAY B  50 mS.

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK A  105

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK B  105

    • #138666

      Looping preset?  Well, yes & no.  It's the Undulator algorithm.  There's nothing traditional here.  Infinite 1/16th note-chunk looping, with 'overdubbing'.  Loop 'aging' is accomplished by reducing Feedback, while increasing D-Mod to deconstruct and decimate the chunks.

      Blurring the line between tremolo, ultra-short looping, and time-based effects, with an interesting twist on ramping rate changes (using the Slow/Fast Performance Switch).

      Expression Pedal Heel:  DEPTH MOD  0

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK  99

      Expression Pedal Toe:   DEPTH MOD  99

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK  75

    • #138667

      Expression Pedal Heel:  DECAY  2000 mS.

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK  100

      Expression Pedal Toe:   DECAY  750 mS.

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK  75

    • #138727

      Expression Pedal Heel:  PITCH A  5c

      Expression Pedal Heel:  VERB MIX  0

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK A  100

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK A  100

      Expression Pedal Toe:  PITCH A  10c

      Expression Pedal Toe:  VERB MIX  50

      Expression Pedal Toe:  FEEDBACK A  0

      Expression Pedal Toe:  FEEDBACK A  0

    • #138728

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK A  100

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK B  100

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK A  0

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK B  0

    • #138729

      Expression Pedal Heel:  DELAY A  WHOLE

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK  100

      Expression Pedal Toe:   DELAY A  1/16

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK  50 

    • #138730

      Expression Pedal Heel:  MIX  25

      Expression Pedal Heel:  SHAPE  RAMP-DN

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK  100

      Expression Pedal Toe:   MIX  75

      Expression Pedal Toe:   SHAPE  SQUARE

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK  0

    • #138731

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK A  100

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK B  100

      Expression Pedal Heel:  SLUR  0 

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK A  25

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK B  25

      Expression Pedal Toe:   SLUR  10

    • #138732

      Expression Pedal Heel:  DECAY  0.50S

      Expression Pedal Heel:  ECHO-FDBK  100

      Expression Pedal Toe:   DECAY  15.0S

      Expression Pedal Toe:   ECHO-FDBK  0

    • #138733


      Expression Pedal Heel:  DELAY MIX  A10 + B10

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK A  100

      Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK B  100

      Expression Pedal Toe:   DELAY MIX  A0 + B10

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK A   75

      Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK B   50

    • #138739

      Great bunch of presets again, I've tried to setup all you have posted so far, quickly filling up my "Brock's SFX" preset list. The Undulator ChopTremWave was cool from the last batch, really like the exp. pedal action. Thanks for so many great ideas!

    • #151299

      Re-animated from generations past.  It started life as a ‘normal’ delay preset, then some short looping variations oozed out of it.  DUCKED DELAY is a favorite for staying out of the way, until it’s needed.

      Simulating an UltraTap TAPER control, with a few DELAY A fading repeats, then capped off with a single DELAY B repeat on the 4.  With legato playing, you may just hear the single DELAY B event.  RELEASE defaults to 250 mS.  With staccato input, both DELAY A/B begin to emerge.


      Any dual delay should work, but you’ll need independent FEEDBACK A/B control for the ‘multi-tap’ effect.  If you’d like to stretch it out for two measures, raise FEEDBACK A to 10, and FEEDBACK B to 40.


      At this point, the preset is set up for expression pedal control.  For introducing the short loops, WET MIX is increased, DELAY MIX is balanced, FEEDBACK A/B jump to 90, and the RELEASE time is shortened to 10 mS.  That last parameter setting brings up the loops almost instantly.  One nice feature of these short loops is that they’re always ‘recording’.  The delay buffers refill as soon as they reach the end(s).


      You may prefer to use Aux Switches in place of (or in conjunction with) the expression pedal.  One switch is mapped to the expression pedal settings, for instant Heel-Toe.  The other switch is bound to REPEAT.  Two different flavors of short loops, under quick-tap foot control.


      Holding down SW1 creates a ‘live’ short looper.  Toggling SW2 on captures a short loop, with dry signal (only) playing on top.  Tapping SW1 stutters in small pieces of the loop, with the increased levels. Either alone, or with REPEAT latched.  Active dual-switching produces some very expressive loop-scaping.

    • #155483

      World-class necrobump here.  A variation similar to Post #25 here, but not quite.

      MIX set rather high, as the effect is part of the performance.  NOTE 1-4 sets the LP/HP filters.

      Expression pedal required.  Trailing delay at the heel.  Frozen 1-second loop at the toe.



      But the key here lies in what you ‘capture’ in-between.  Delay time [LENGTH] increases along with FEEDBACK, so all of those delay glitches & stutters get locked into the FREEZE loop.

      Holding at toe allows dry input over the frozen loop.  Expression pedal movement gives you dynamic mixing control over current repeats added to the toe loop.  Full heel fades it all out again.


    • #155542

      holy balls thats dope.

    • #155549

      Honestly, this is so real I have to post it twice. 

      That last preset shreds so hard it is impossible to express. If you have an expression pedal, you HAVE to try it. 

    • #155541

      Take the alien DNA from this preset …

      … splice it onto the VariDelay Looper preset above, and ‘imprint’ filter effects inside the FREEZE loops.  With RESONANCE at 0, the swept NOTE 1-4 filters ‘bend pitch’, for some nice doubling & detuning FX.





      Vary the RESONANCE for deeper filtering effects.  In the -2 to -4 (or positive 2 to 4), the effects are more subtle.  Extreme RESONANCE values bring you into spaceship territory.


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