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There is a subtle difference between the two.  With the quick testing that I did I used:

1.Eventide Timefactor – powered by Factory Eventide power supply (12VDC – 1200mA)

2.Eventide H9 – same presets powered by Eventide factory power supply – (9VDC – 500mA)

3.Eventide H9 – same presets powered by Eventide Timefactor power supply – (12VDC – 1200mA)

4. Both units powered from isolated Decibel 11 Hotstone deluxe (12VDC 400mA outputs) – http://www.decibel11.com/Hot-Stone-Deluxe-Power-Supply.html

I understand what you are saying from a technical standpoint in regards to the lower internal voltages for the microprocessors that it doesn't make sense that they would sound different.  

When I get a chance I might put together some recordings of both units with the Eventide Factory power supplies.  

It is more noticeable with some Algorithms than others.  If you have a Timefactor and a H9 try the H9 with both the 12VDC Factor power supply and the H9 9VDC switchmode power supply with the Digital and Vintage Algorithms.

Maybe as nickrose says it is the "difference between the analog sections in the circuits".  

All I know is that I have been using the TimeFactor for about 5 years and have spent a lot of time getting my presets to sound right with my setup so I want to make sure I can duplicate the sounds on the H9's before taking the TF of my pedalboard.

With a bit of tweaking Im sure I will get these close enough and playing live in a band mix you're most likely not going to be able to hear the difference.

Im happy to share some of my U2 presets should anyone like to try it out.