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Thanks Russell

I really appreciate the support offered on this forum!  Its great that you guys spend so much time answering all the tech stuff – It really helps us get the most out of the pedals!

The ultimate goal in all this is to replace the (heavier & larger) Timefactor with the much lighter and way more capable H9.  I think they are sounding very close and we are only talking about subtle differences in tone.  I'm not sure that I can really rule out modulation as I use it in most of my TF user presets – it just sounds awesome and is probably one of the may reasons why the TF is such a great pedal.  And perhaps this is why its difficult to get them to sound 100% the same as it is adding complexity.  The TF is hard to beat. 

I've been testing with an DPDT – AB switch with both pedals set to DSP bypass.  This enables me to switch the signal between the H9 or Timefactor eliminating any impedance load differences in the chain before or after.

Does the stock settings on the input gain of the H9 need to be adjusted in H9 Control to match the stock settings of the TimeFactor?  

Whats the best method to adjusting presets in the Vintage Digital Delay or Mod Delay in regards to modulation settings to achieve similar results between Factors and H9's?  A few of my U2 presets rely heavily on the modulation settings in Mod Delay.