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LA Keys


… His guitar harmonies are so clear and distinct it's as if there's another guitar player playing the harmony part! I must find out what he uses! …

Well, that's maybe just what he's using for recordings: himself as the second guitar for the harmonies….

My point is that unless you saw him playing live with that sound you just don't know how he's doing it…

I've seen countless of songs where a guitar was doubled by the same musicians in the recording studio. Elton john did it on some recording where you can clearly hear 2 pianos playing at the same time. One of my friend, a drum player, also found that even drummer use that "trick" sometimes, making it impossible to reproduce the same thing with a single man. On the same line: I was at a Van Halen show lately and heard him playing both the guitar and the synth for the song "jump" at the same time?!? Of course the synth was pre-recorded, even if this was a live show…

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