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Has this release happened yet? New user here.

My H9 is running the v5.0.1[3] software. I found and selected my IK BlueBoard in the "Connect MIDI Device to Eventide" in the Settings menu. I've also enabled MIDI over bluetooth in the Pedal>MIDI Settings>MIDI Over Bluetooth menu. I don't seem to be getting anywhere in terms of having the H9 or my connected MIDI device respond to my BlueBoard commands (all CC commands – no program change messages).

Ideally, I'm looking to do is use H9's ability to receive MIDI over bluetooth to send those messages to a device connected to the MIDI out/thru port on the H9. It doesn't seem to be working so far.

There could be a few reasons for this. I am slaving the H9 via MIDI (in) to the very same device connected to the MIDI out/thru on the H9. I'm doing  this to change presets on the H9 via the other device (which can xmit MIDI). This is working fine as it's using a physical MIDI connection.

I guess my question is, is it possible to simultaneously run both a physical and bluetooth MIDI in to the H9?

Again, I'm trying to get the bluetooth MIDI out from the BlueBoard to pass thru the H9's MIDI out to the MIDI in of same externally connected device. The purpose here is to control IA functions (active & bypass) within the other device. I know it seems overly convoluted, but is this even do-able?

FWIW I can't seem to get the H9 to respond to anything my BlueBoard transmits. I'm not clear if this is even doable as yet either. If it's supposed to be, I'm missing something.