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Ok, thanks for your input though!

I have now tested the H9 via DIN on my laptop, where I began by removing my focusrite drivers and software, and used the built in soundcard for the audio, but with the same results as on my desktop. I used the novation sl to try to connect with the H9 (without usb), but it still wouldn't recognize any midi device and put the H9 in demo mode. Any midi I send from the DAW to the novation doesnt' seem to go any further. If I then connect the usb, the device is recognized by Control, but I still can't get midi to transfer.

I didn't reinstall the h9 control software after removing the focurite stuff though, that might be another thing to try just to rule it out completely. Testing with another device than the Novation might also be worth a shot. Will try that tomorrow.

I'll look forward to hearing from your H9 Control expert 🙂