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In regard to gkellum's post, I discovered that I don't have bluetooth on either my desktop or laptop computer (I thought my laptop did…) so I am currently unable to try that approach. 

There's an FAQ item that recommends a few Bluetooth dongles that you could get for under $20.



shouldn't the H9 be able to communicate with Control over USB, AND be able to receive midi from a midi device? Why do the two seem to be mutually exclusive for me?

The two are mutually exclusive.  USB and MIDI are connected to a single underlying thing that can only be used by either one of them at a time.  And Nick can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe the H9 can switch back and forth between the two.  Either USB or the MIDI ports are going to be active.


I'd just like to know if this is common behavior on a PC setup, or if my situation is unique?

Well, what is common behavior on Windows is that two applications can't use the same MIDI ports at once, and what's also common behavior is that a DAW will lock up all of the MIDI ports making it impossible for another application to do anything with MIDI.