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I bought the Startech USBBT1EDR2 Bluetooth dongle a few weeks ago and have had mixed success. My tower with the dongle is 4 ft. from my pedalboard. Pairing and Connecting with Windows took several tries to get all four H9s recognized by the computer. Then H9 Control takes usually two or three restarts to recognize one or two, or at the most three, but has never successfully connected to all four H9 units no matter how many restarts. H9 Control seldom connects to more than two at once. I literally spent four hours trying all settings in Windows, com ports etc. I could think of with tech support help with no improvement. Also, after renaming the H9s A,B,C, etc. an H9 Control message says the name change will be saved after next restart, but that never happens, the unit names revert to their serial numbers with every restart. Also, within H9 control when connected to a unit via bluetooth, the expression control mapping arcs around the parameter knobs are unstable, the endpoints sliding up and down the arc erratically and will not lock in to save changes. Although ET's reticence at supporting Windows Bluetooth devices has been obvious, it is still very disappointing that it is virtually unuseable for more than one unit at a time. I would really like to find a reliable, stable solution for this before investing in an advanced Windows tablet to dedicate as an H9 controller/display.