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there is no way to change the serial port as far as I can tell.

Yes, there is a way:

– Open the control panel

– write bluetooth in the search box (top right)

– Click on "View devices and printer"  (No, it is not "Change bluetooth settings", more on that later)

– You should see one H9-XXXXX for each H9 that you paired.

– Right click on the device, select properties

– Select Hardware tab, click properties

– Select Port setting tab, click advanced

– The COM port could be selected on the lower left

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You may also wish to try removing the device (right click on the device, select remove device) and reinstall the device if you run into too many troubles.

About the "Change bluetooth settings": This will show you the bluetooth COM port, but you cannot change it from there. Also note that the I have the first four check box checked on the option tab. Only the "turn off bluetooth adapter" option is unchecked.